The View From A Magician

  • Anthony Asimov

Some Lies Are Good

Being a professional wizard is a wonderful thing. I get to lie to people for an hour or so, and then get a check handed to me afterwards! You see, lying is what I REALLY do when I'm performing magic. Everything I say during a magic show is either something completely untrue or is misleading in some way, however, it's done with the good intention of entertaining you. It's the same thing as going to see a movie... you know that Superman isn't real, but the filmmakers do all they can with special effects to create the illusion that a man can fly, and you go along with it because you want to be entertained. We all know what bad lies are, don't we? But all lies aren't the same, and all artists know and exploit this. Art's purpose is to allow its viewers to escape this crazy world, and the only way to do that is to lie your way out of it, to believe something impossible.