The View From A Magician

  • Anthony Asimov

Magic in 2018

Welcome to the new blog! I thought I would start the blog by saying something about magic and its relevance in 2018. The world is a crazy and scary place right now and I believe people NEED magic in their lives today more than ever before. A good friend of mine once said, "the human heart cries out for magic" and I believe those words are absolutely true, especially in times of chaos. Although magicians are in the deception business, we're the first people to tell you it's all smoke and mirrors. We're also the first people to tell you that what we do is IMPORTANT. Why? Because magic is about seeing the possibilities... it's about reaching past the boundaries we've gotten used to that limit us... it's about believing we can find a better way. In the presence of a magician, this difficult reality around us is GUARANTEED to get better, and isn't that what we all want - a better reality? Magic is flourishing in 2018... there are more magicians and magic-themed TV shows and movies today than in any other time in history... and I don't think that's a coincidence considering the ugliness in the world today.

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